Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooded Basements?

Some situations could be covered by home insurance and others may require some special type coverage plan, such like endorsement or flood insurance. There are huge numbers of reasons are there that your basement might flood. Suppose washing machine, refrigerator or A/C unit is malfunction in basement then it might cause flood entire room. Water damage is covered under the standard homeowner policy. Damaged from the leaking water heater could be covered under same provision as your leaking appliances. So if you are wondering if home insurance cover flooded basement, then the answer is yes. Even a basic HO-3 coverage will protect you from basic water damage.

Homeowner insurance might cover water damage which might depend on the source of water that is caused the damage. Three instances that homeowner policy might not cover like

  • Issues resulting from the flood
  • Maintaince issues which might be attended to
  • Replacement or repair of actual source of water damage

Most of the homeowner insurance might not cover source of the water damage so your policy might cover cost of the tearing out and replace that damaged floor. No type of the flood damage is covered by the standard homeowner policies. Continue reading →

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Leading brands of low and high protein dog foods in our time catch the attention of everyone who has decided to make their pet healthy in every possible method. You may be a beginner to the dog food shopping at this time and think about easy to understand guidelines to fulfil overall requirements on the low protein dog food shopping. You can directly make contact with the reputable platform suggested for dog foods and decide on how to successfully purchase the best low protein dog food within the financial plan. You will save time and money because an instant assistance from experts in dog foods and buy the most competitive price of the low protein dog food. Continue reading →

Cosmic Awakening

The most important thing right now is not to follow anyone else´s beliefs or to start personal growth under others. The most important thing is to find your inner truth, your divine essence. When we feel it wholly in our being, we are following ourselves and we develop most.

The outer things can educate us on what we choose. No path is wrong. Everyone experiences exactly the right thing and it’s a gift – Because we are all one. I hope that the following book will give a better understanding of what is.


Our Truth

Your glance opens hidden sights
Views over a shining horizon
Freezing stare brings warmth
Melts into blanc mirror ocean
Moment of outer tension
Breathes under your embraced self
Together as an ocean
are your eyes
which look at me
without catching my glance
You keep silence
You Listen
Without hearing me
When you close your eyes I close my eyes too
I become your dreams
until you open your eyes again
I open  my eyes and see a star in universe
vivid and clear
A star that I fall for

I am glad that you have found this book and I hope that you will find it useful and inspirational from its insights. We write this text together. The truth is knowledge and with knowledge we have the power to change the world and different situations. Find your own truth and let it shine here and there. This book can be compared to a meditation.
What I present here is nothing new or extraordinary which the ego could have use for. It is an easy flow that touches in stillfulness.  I have come to a stage and I feel that I have to share my insights, which have helped me with my spiritual awakening.
I am a regular guy and not a spiritual guru. I want to plant a seed of love into people’s hearts, which will grow to self-awareness and truth. Then I have done what I came here for. People have always searched for answers regarding the universe, life and death.  It is a natural process to be aware of these questions. The search for the truth has accelerated more and more in the last few years and has now reached a changing point. A new time era is on the way to be born and this is what this book will discuss. You won’t find the biggest truths in a book but deep in your heart.
So let’s read on and listen to the vibrations of the words and remember who we are and what we are doing here on earth. It’s time to stop believing, it’s time to start knowing.

Sometimes we ask who we are and why we are here, what is the meaning of life and death.  We search after answers which can come from friends, books or some religion. We meet hindrances and successes and learn to feel ourselves better, and thereby others too.
From a state of sleep to awakening… We stretch and see the world with newly awakened eyes. To become aware of oneself and the outer world is a process. Spirituality belongs to each and everyone and not to a specific religion. Spirituality spreads over this planet faster than ever. It actually doesn´t spread, because it has always been in every soul, a science and feeling that we don´t need any proof of. Everything is about how far your awakening process is. Every human goes through this process sooner or later.
One cannot “become” spiritual, it is something that one already is and has always been.