Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooded Basements?

Some situations could be covered by home insurance and others may require some special type coverage plan, such like endorsement or flood insurance. There are huge numbers of reasons are there that your basement might flood. Suppose washing machine, refrigerator or A/C unit is malfunction in basement then it might cause flood entire room. Water damage is covered under the standard homeowner policy. Damaged from the leaking water heater could be covered under same provision as your leaking appliances. So if you are wondering if home insurance cover flooded basement, then the answer is yes. Even a basic HO-3 coverage will protect you from basic water damage.

Homeowner insurance might cover water damage which might depend on the source of water that is caused the damage. Three instances that homeowner policy might not cover like

  • Issues resulting from the flood
  • Maintaince issues which might be attended to
  • Replacement or repair of actual source of water damage

Most of the homeowner insurance might not cover source of the water damage so your policy might cover cost of the tearing out and replace that damaged floor. No type of the flood damage is covered by the standard homeowner policies.

Flooding might occur from over saturated, surging bodies, storms and overflowing bodies of water like ponds, lakes and rivers. You must to buy separate flood insurance policy which is really beneficial to you. The best defence against the flooded basement is to have functioning sump pump which might pushes water out. Preventing flood is always most convenient and cheapest option. It is always best idea to check with your insurance agent which can provide useful numbers of the benefits. Dwelling coverage is useful to pay for damage to structure of home.