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Recognize a film from a frame or a single scene: for most films it is impossible, but many have now become part of the collective imaginary, emblematic or characteristic of a historical period, recognizable at the first moment. Some of them have become even more from the cinema itself: paintings, paintings, tattoos, t-shirts, mugs, memes, figures and much more, many different things from those for which they were conceived. Here are the 3 most famous scenes of all time. Now you can watch best movies online including these as well.

The game of chess with death in the seventh seal

The plot is very simple and the film is the most symbolic and inspired by Bergman in his career.

Knight Antonius Block (Max Von Sidon), a veteran of the Crusades, decides to return to Sweden struck by poverty, dismay and pestilence. In front of him a figure with a white face and a body wrapped in a huge black cloak is seen, and it is none other than Death (Bent Eke rot) who claims his soul, having come his hour. Block will then ask to play his life in a chess game against death.

The scene is taken from Il Settimo Sigillo, one of the most famous films of Bergman, filmed in just 32 days with a minimum budget of only $ 40,000, dedicated to Cannes just a year earlier and always winning the jury’s grand prize at Cannes with this movie.

Based on a theatrical work by Bergman himself entitled Painting on wood, he represents in his extreme symbolism what many call “The silence of God” (i.e. the relationship between God and faith) that will be a backbone in the future cinema of Bergman and which will find a climax in the trilogy of Silence: Like in a Mirror, Winter Lights and Silence.

The shower scene in Psycho (1960)

Inspired by the facts of the serial killer Ed Gain, Psycho is known above all because the film’s protagonist, escaped with money and sheltered in a motel, dies halfway through the film in the most known and controversial scene of the film.

The emblematic scene of the Psycho shower is the most famous of the film and one of the best known of the entire history of cinema. It is based on a storyboard by Saul Bass which provided for many different sequences then merged together.

The party scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

The icon of style par excellence, class and refinement, adored by both men and women, Audrey Hepburn is the most widely played character in both dresses, bags, puzzles, paintings and everywhere.

Her unforgettable character in Breakfast at Tiffany remains in the collective memory in various scenes, but the one in which smoking the mouthpiece in the party is the most famous ever, along with the incipit in on her she looks at the shop windows. Now in 123movies you will get to watch all these movies perfectly.